Community Discussion Questions



We have collected here the questions contained in the Pastoral Reflection, imagining them as a path of reflection to accompany the reading:


Watching out for pitfalls on the digital highways

1.   What kind of humanity is reflected in our presence in digital environments?

2. How much of our digital relationships is the fruit of deep and truthful communication, and how much is merely shaped by unquestioned opinions and passionate reactions? 

3. How much of our faith finds living and refreshing digital expressions? 


From Awareness to True Encounter

4. Who is my “neighbour” on social media? 

5. How can we co-create healthier online experiences where people can engage in conversations and overcome disagreements with a spirit of mutual listening?


From Encounter to Community

6. How can we empower communities to find ways to overcome divisions and promote dialogue and respect in social media platforms? 

7. How can we restore the online environment to the place that it can and should be: a place of sharing, collaborating, and belonging, based on mutual trust? 

8. What does it mean, then, to “heal” the wounds on social media? 

9. How can we “bind up” division? 

10. How can we build ecclesial environments capable of welcoming and integrating the "geographical and existential peripheries" of today’s cultures?


A Distinctive Style

11. How can we help heal a toxic digital environment? 

12. How can we promote hospitality and opportunities for healing and reconciliation?

13. How might one reflect God’s “style” on social media?